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Our Web Notepad pages are designed to be easy to use, fast loading (hardly any graphics, for example), and so on. The page called Searches and Stuff  is central headquarters, our startup page, and is optomized for speed of loading and efficiency of use.  For example, we use a relatively small type font on that page, to provide a lot of options on a single screen (so that an experienced user gets a good shot at the desired link with very few mouse clicks and little or no scrolling).  This page, Notes on Searches and Stuff, helps a lot, by letting us remove all explanatory material from the primary page -- this lets us get a lot more links on each screen, and lets the page load much faster, because it is smaller.  

Another way we keep it small is by cutting it up into sub-pages if it gets too big to load quickly.  Currently Searches and Stuff is really two pages, a Searches page, still titled "Searches and Stuff," which is still our startup page, and a Stuff page you can see how the topics are divides by looking at the quick links at the top of this page. 

Please feel free to make a copy of Searches and Stuff  and this page (and any of the other Web Notepad pages), and customize them to suite your own working style and areas of interest. (This page started the same way, with a copy of the Black Stump  page from Australia.)  For example, someone using a local copy of our Searches and Stuff page on their own system could remove whatever links don't interest them, and make the page even more efficient (and then make it less efficient again by adding links that do interest them). 

However, if you do that you may want to check back now and then, -- Web links go out of date at an alarming rate, and when that happens we try to update them when we can, and get rid of them when we can't update them.   

If you find a better source for something-or-other -- better than the one we have here -- or find something useful that we don't have here, we'd love to hear about it.  Send it a note to s&s-links@dharma-haven.org


LOCAL FORMS: Deja News Search ~ Yahoo / DN / Alta Vista Searches:  Beats first connecting to a search site and then submitting a search, and also more powerful -- for example,  the Deja News search remembers your last several searches. From the Web, these will be dead links:  Download your own search forms. 

The Black Stump Search Engine Page:  Where this page started. Internet searches and directories of all sorts, plus useful and fun stuff like international weather and local time, movie guides, trivia, "around the house," "in the kitchen," emergency and first aid, puzzles, plus an excellent software section .... Go see for yourself.  With special links for Australians.  

Internet Resources on the Web:  Links to Net guides and directories, archives, newsgroups, FTP sites, resources, gopher sites, etc.  

The Searcher:  search and retrieve engines, indices, databases, FTP searches, gopher, archie and veronica, etc., plus pages with multiple search forms, and even multiple search devices that will check several databases at once.   

Searching the Internet: What is the best way to find the information you're looking for?  Matt Kruse suggests starting with Deja News, and using local search forms.  This is where we got our local search forms.  
URL-minder keeps track of Web pages and other resources on the World Wide Web, and sends you e-mail whenever your personally registered resources change.  

  • Webmasters: Put a link on your page to the URL-minder and encourage users to register your pages. 

Webmonkey: "Build the Web;"  how-to guide with tutorials on tools and methods, and tricks. How to develop for the Web, from writing Java applets to scanning images into a homepag  

Frogbit:  a programming language for text-processing.  Easy to learn and easy to use but powerful:  A short program can do a lot, especially when automating text-manipulation tasks.   

The Mining Company: A different kind of Web directory, with hundreds of Guides, each one responsible for a particular topic, digging deep to find the best resources.  

Internet for Beginners:  From the Mining Company.  

Learn-Net!  an online discussion for learning how to learn on the Internet  

People Chase:  a cross between a web ring and a web site award.  

The List:  Over 3,000 Internet service providers  

Online Connection:  comparisons of the major commercial online services and national Internet service providers   

ISP Reviews:  (Yahoo! directory)  

Freemail: 7 email solutions that won't cost you a penny (CNET Reviews)  


Library Catalogs: Local  and Worldwide (Yale)  

National Academy Press:  publishers for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council.  20% discount for orders via the Web.  

Medline: summaries of 9 million articles from 3,800 biomedical journals, now free of charge on the World Wide Web; from the National Library of Medicine NIH.  

IBM Patent Server: With this World Wide Web server, IBM lets you access over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last seventeen years of images.  


Beyond The Black Stump  

Product ReviewNet: Access the full text of over 25% of PRN's reviews:   abstracts with direct links to online reviews!  

CompareNet:  "The Best Way To Research Products And Services On The Internet."  

TravelBids is an on-line auction that allows travelers to save money by getting bids from many travel agents. It is good for air travel, resorts, and cruises -- for any dates of travel, any class of service, and any room category.  

English as a Second Language On-Line Resources - links including audio enhanced links for the practice of oral communication.  

Computer Shopper Netbuyer  

Nutrition Resources 

Ask Dr. Weil  

Recovery Home page  

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