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Jesa Macbeth  -  Order of the Ascending Spirit
 Shambhala Center of New Haven
Tibetan Association of Connecticut 

Nonprofits Online 
Awards page Nonprofit Web Site Excellence 

The Asia Society: 

GuideStar: Donor's guide to charities and nonprofits 
Netizen Activist Resource Center  Web "resources for people, businesses and groups which are involved in the building of community, social change, progressive politics and any other activities which improve our lives and lead us towards a more just, more cohesive and more egalitarian society." 

Science Notes/University of California at Santa Cruz 
Semi-annual;  prepared by students in the science communication program at UCSC. 

Ligmincha Institute, founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in 1992, was created to preserve the Tibetan Bön culture and teachings, especially the practices of dzogchen. 

Feng Shui Emporium "is dedicated to serving you with the highest quality of adjustment objects and materials used in the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Each item is reviewed and approved by a Master of Feng Shui." 

Time, Space and Knowledge: space 

Holistic Mathematics homepage. "This presents a new dynamic vision of mathematics, that greatly enlarges its scope by integrating it coherently with psychological experience." 

(See also Tibetan Buddhist Centers and Resources ) 
(See also Working With the Invisible) 

Mysticism in World Religions: The mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taosim compared. 

Dharma Throbbers -- "[A throbber is] that animated dodad in the upper right corner of your Netscape or Explorer browser that does its animation thing while you wait for those big pages to download. If you are getting bored with [the one that came with your browser] you can change it to something more interesting." 

Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center is one of the largest and most active ontemplative centers in North America. It is located on 550 acres of beautiful land at 8000 feet in the Colorado Rockies. RMSC offers contemplative programs taught by recognized teachers in many traditions, as well as facilities for individual meditation retreats. 

Links to Rainbow Tribe - Links to Rainbow Tribe. "When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words." 

                      -- Prophecy of the Native American Hopi people 

Ray's Mandala Page:  Presents several of his own works, plus a generous selection of mandala links, which "range from traditional Buddhist expressions to individualistic, non-traditional prractices, from abstract, academic treatments of the subject to religious proselytizing, from serious to humourous. I found one person who teaches Mandala making and several people who sell mandala images." 

The Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Connecticut 

Buddhism in India: An astonishingly rich compilation of links to information and images regarding Buddhist sites and records in India. 

Tendai Buddhism: seems to be a work in progress, based on a research paper. Lovely graphics; slow to load; most sections sketchy and difficult to understand. The page on Tendai in Japan is somewhat more finished. "Just before his return to Japan [Saicho] met a tantric master and was initiated into esoterism; an event which drastically changed the future direction of Japanese Tendai." 

dZi -- The Tibet Collection: dedicated to bringing Tibetan artisans better opportunities for employment through the development and marketing of their handcrafted works. 

Warriors of Meek Juneau Shambhala Center training momentos 

Tibetan - English - Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching & Practice an ongoing project involved in compiling Buddhist terminology and translation terms to bridge the Tibetan and English languages, supported by Rangjung Yeshe Translations and Publications. 

DharmaNet International Gateways to Buddhism 

CyberSangha Buddhist Library, to our knowledge the largest on-line collection of Buddhist Texts in the world. 

Guide to Tibetan Art, Theatre & Music 

Web Tools 
(See also Dharma Haven's Web Workshop) 

Dr. Watson Web page validation, v2.05  

Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast!  

Carbon Copy: "remote control, file transfer and remote PC/network access software for using files and applications that reside on another computer located across your desk or around the world. Whether you are telecommuting, working from the road, providing technical assistance, teaching from another location or transferring files, Carbon Copy provides a cost-effective way to access another PC from anywhere." 

Amaya - the W3C testbed client: The WWW Consortium designed Amaya is a Web client that acts both as a browser and as an authoring tool. Although intended as a testbed for experimenting and demonstrating new specifications and extensions of Web protocols and standards, it should provide a fast, free, stable browser / editor that tries to follow the agreed HTML guidelines. 

  • www-amaya@w3.org is a public mailing list for an open discussion of ideas, diffs, new features, bugs, etc. An archive is available. 
Arachnoid Homepage: "dedicated to one overriding principle: there are no overriding principles -- only original, ingenious solutions. You will find many kinds of resources here -- programs, applications, articles and books."  One of our favorite Web sites.   Some of their favorites are here. 

In CareWare, the "buyer" gets something of value in exchange for something the "seller" wants. And what does the seller want? The general answer is "Anything except money," but I prefer the really remarkable transactions, which you recognize instinctively when you see them. 

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for  creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. It is available in official versions for 
Microsoft Windows 3.1/Win32s and Windows 95/NT, DOS, the Macintosh, i86 
Linux, SunOS, and Amiga. The source code is available for those wanting to do 
their own ports. 

Nua talks about developing an 'Internet Presence' for an organisation, because developing for the Internet is not simply about developing a website. Email is a fundamental element in the Internet and if used properly can bring many benefits. Newsgroups can also play a role and should not be discounted. 

Ed Stutsman's Homepage: Exploring WWW and Human Communication. "Is it possible the WWW will create a new "world wide community"? Here are a few locations that present the issues involved with the human dimension of communication via WWW:" 

Frank's World O'Windows is a collection of useful news, resources, and tips about Microsoft's current and future versions of Windows. 

Jody S. Morton: Web Services - Led Zeplin MIDI - Animated Waterfalls 

Jody's Dynamic Server Links Page - Includes Java Chat Site (PST 9PM) 

The VirtualCorp Best of Business or "BOB" Award celebrates excellence in small business and small business resource sites on the World Wide Web. 

(See also Work Haven) 
(See also Haven Home) 

Co-op America: "provides the economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools for businesses and individuals to address today's social and environmental problems. While many environmental organizations choose to fight important political and legal battles, Co-op America is the leading force in educating and empowering our nation's people and businesses to make significant improvements through the economic system. 

Your purchases can support businesses that create jobs, care about their communities, engage in fair trade and protect our environment. Co-op America helps you find those businesses and provides technical assistance to help those companies succeed and grow." 

Co-op America and Business: Features containing practical advice, resources and contacts to help companies turn social responsibility into business success. 

Goldratt Institute: improving the world in which we live through the development and dissemination of common sense methodologies, available through the Theory Of Constraints. 

Crazy About Constraints! resources and information about the Theory of Constraints, the Thinking Processes, Synchronous Manufacturing, and other techniques developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt (co-author of The Goal). 

Constraints Management SIG: Theory of Constraints 

Learning-Org Dialog on Learning Organizations: Learning Org Discussion Pages updated daily. 

Common Economic Sense A Site - with Your Help - that may Found a Movement 

Inductive Inference Research Group (Monash Computer Science) The Minimum Message Length principle developed by the group has been applied to inductive inference and related applications. 

Learn More About PatentWEB 

(See also - Searches and Stuff ) 

Legal Documents: Contracts and Law Documents Preparation On the Internet. Legal forms, contracts, leases, will, living trusts, and real estate agreements produced interactively on the net. Legal document advice, law forms, legal documents provided, legal documents explained, law forms explained, no legal counseling, no law practice, no legal advice 

(See also  Searches and Stuff ) 

Guide to Tibetan Art, Theatre & Music 

Slimeworld Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being 

  • Bumble Barf: "... most anyone, that wants to try to get away with it, can call their honey organic and jack the price up. Not us. No sirree. We call our honey Bumble Barf and then jack the price up." 
A.D.A.M. Inc. School of Ancient Dance, Art and Music 

Colony Alpha, one of the new Active Worlds. " We are a dedicated group of online citizens including anthropologists, computer scientists, writers, musicians, artists, world builders, engineers, social scientists, corporate managers, and just normal netizens dedicated to advancement and use of virtual world technology for the benefit of people everywhere." 

Nexsite World Fiction, a shared real-time environment, Brain Opera, etc. 

Bell Labs Text-to-Speech System - type in funny words and hear someone say them. 
Electro Magnetic Poetry - Java-based magnetic poetry kit. Refrigerator not required. 
Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head - electronic version of  the Mr. Potato Head game. 
Web-a-Sketch - electronic Etch-a-Sketch. 

Excellence in Extremis 




Hideously netscape enhanced page! 

(See also Learn Haven) 
Teacher Resources by Source 

Teacher Resources by Subject Area 

The Union Institute  


The E Zone on-line courses from the Wait Group publishers. Courses include HTML 3, C++, OFFICE 97, PHOTOSHOP 4, VBSCRIPT, JAVA 1.1, JAVASCRIPT, VISUAL BASIC 5, PERL 5 

"For example, the $49.99 Photoshop 4 course comes with a copy of the book PhotoShop 4 Interactive Course plus free access to the eZone, the innovative Web-based learning center from Waite Group Press, where you'll find additional resources, expert help from experts, interactive quizzes for immediate feedback, dedicated discussion groups for interaction with other students, certification and even optional Continuing Education Units or Advanced Placement Units (for a nominal fee). Aslo included is a CD ROM with a trial version of PhotoShop 4 (unavailable until now), an extensive gallery of images and exercises, plus demos of several other programs designed to work with Photoshop." 

(See also Science is Cool) 
WWW Virtual Library  


Eric's Treasure Trove Project 






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