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Beyond The Black Stump

Firefly: uses artificial intelligence methods to select  information suited exactly to your preferences, connect you with people like you, and provide valuable recommendations based on your tastes.

Principia Discordia: Wherein Is Explained Absolutely Everything Worth Knowing About Absolutely Anything 

Jackinworld:  resources on masturbation, mostly for males:  brief explanations of surprisingly many techniques and their advantages and disadvantages, plus physiology, FAQ,  "Jackin' for Her," and "Tantric Masturbation" -- simple, direct, sqeaky clean information of the safest of safe sex. 

Nude Beach Guide (Northeast USA): nude beaches in New England, New York and New Jersey; "the naked truth about the places to go . . . and the places to avoid." Includes a BBS chat page

Anarchy Award Winners Page. 

Java Aplets > Educational > General:  From the Gamelan site.  Here is an example:

Mysterious Rabbit: You pick a card, and it disappears!
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 Internet Radio Stations

TV Guide's TV Listings  -  Yahoo!'s TV Listings

South Park Home  -  Quick Schedule  -  Taison Tan's  -  Audio Clips
Icons and Links

Find a Video -- reviews of the best movies most likely to be found in video stores. 

MovieLink What's on at nearby theatres; where's the nearest theatre showing ... 

Internet Movie Database whatever you want to know about any movie ever made. 

Web Music

Lyrics -- Lyrics World

Firefly: Music suggestions from people who like what you like.

Folk Stuff: information for folk musicians and those designing and building folk and experimental musical instruments; including dulcimers, autoharps, kalimbas, theremins, didjeridus, penny whistles and flutes. 

Perfectly Grand Piano Accessories

Harmony Central - for musicians. 

Internet Underground Music Network

All Music Guide - artist biographies, album reviews, and fully cross-referenced discographies that allow the user to browse from artist to artist. 

Ultimate Band List

Clannad -- Madonna Lyrics

Outstanding Educational Resources:  More Java applets from the Gamelan site.

    Learn to Dance "Demonstrates some basic dance figures (slow waltz, tango, slow fox, foxtrot) in real time with audio. The link ... is to the English version." 

    Guitarist's Chord Dictionary:  "a Java applet reference of over 250 chords containing full tablature representations and sound recordings." 

CyberDave:  A transparent promo for Dave Barry in Cyberspace

Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts

rec.humor.funny:  Web page for the RHF newsgroup, with  descriptions and history, plus current and old jokes, an archive of past jokes, and links to more funny pages.

Ask Dr. Science... He knows more than you do! "There is a thin line between ignorance and arrogance," he says, "and only I have managed to erase that line." 

Hyperdiscordia:  probaply this should be on a page titled "Phun Stuff," but we don't have one.

The Onion - news that didn't happen. 

PythOnline - includes spam, of course. 

The Useless Pages

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