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"Understanding one's emotions is an essential part of the Buddhist journey to full awakening and freedom from unwanted conditions of all sorts. However, since most of us have very little ability to work with our emotional energies without creating negative experiences, medicines and other remedies are required." 
The Tibetan Buddhist Art of Healing

To Preserve and Expand the Healing Wisdom of Tibet
Sange Menla is the name of the one of the Buddhas of Healing, the Medicine Buddha, said to be source of all of Tibetan medicine.  

In general, including the name "Menla" in the name of a center devoted to preserving Tibetan medicine and making it available to people is like the Christian practice of naming churches and hospitals after Jesus or the Blessed Virgin or after various saints. In general, the practice of naming important institutions and agencies of all sorts after highly respected individuals, or after various entities or events considered sacred or highly auspicious, is nearly universal in human societies. 

Specifically, it is said that merely hearing or reading the name of the Medicine Buddha, or seeing his image in a painting or a statue, or especially in a dream or vision, will have a powerful healing influence.

There is no formal connection between the Menla Center of New Haven and Menla Tibetan Medical Institute headed by Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, or any other center or clinic or institute bearing the name "Menla."


Tibetan Medical Clinic
Temporary Clinic in New Haven -- The clinic is currently operating by appointment only. For more information call (203) 562-1614, write us (at 108 Everit Street, New Haven, CT, USA -- 06511) or send an e-message to

Our menpas (tibetan physicians) prefer to see someone at least twice, with the second visit following a two-week period of taking the medicine prescribed. (If no medicine is needed, no second visit is needed.) If visits are difficult financially or otherwise, changes in symptoms that may require changes in the medication can sometimes be discusssed by phone.

Current and Proposed Staff 
Norzom Chokey, Menpa ( physician ), Tibetan Medical Institute

Jamyang Gyatso, Menpa ( physician ), Tibetan Medical Institute

Terry Halwes, Ph.D. ( coordinator, research, Webwork), University of Minnesota 

Janet Sweeting, M.S. ( facilities ), Bank Street College

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