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Tibetan Buddhist culture is quite difficult to divide into tidy categories.  Practical and spiritual concerns are interwoven in every aspect of life. In this Directrory, we've divided the various topics into several general areas: Tibetan and Shambhala Buddhism are the focus of one set of pages; another group of pages focuses on Tibetan Medicine, but that includes the spiritual basis of Tibetan medicine, and spiritual and psychological aspects of healing, which brings us back to Buddhism.  Another group of pages focuses on the international movement devoted to Preserving Tibetan Culture -- but one of the best ways to help preserve something is to learn about it, so all of these pages are really relevant to that. Another section brings together all our pages focusing on books about any of these topics. These various sections overlap, but one of the virtues of the Web is that it allows pointing to a particular resource from any number of different perspectives.

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Directory of Pages

Tibetan Buddhism and Shambhala 

Tibetan Buddhism Resources  --  Tibetan Buddhist Centers

Healing, Relaxing and Awakening

Tibetan Healing Meditation

Karmapa's Gift: Tibetan Meditations for Western Students

The Ancient Wisdom of Shambhala

The Meaning of the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum

Mani Graphics: Symbols of Awakening

Chenrezig: The Embodiment of Compassion

The Prayer Wheel: Spiritual Technology from Tibet

Medicine Buddha Resources

Images of Sanity and Compassion

Medicine and Healing

Medicine Buddha Resources

Tibetan Medicine Resources

Resources for Research on Tibetan Medicine

Medical Research, Tibetan Style

Tibetan Medical Clinics and Pharmacies

Ancient Healing Wisdom for the Modern World

Dying Without Shame; Dying Without Panic

Healing, Relaxing and Awakening

Books on Tibetan Medicine

Culture and Language

Preserving Tibetan Buddhist Culture

The Language of Tibet

Teachers and Scholars of Tibetan Buddhism

Teachings of Chögyam Trungpa and His Students

Tibetan Buddhism Categorized by Topic

Books on Tibet and Tibetan Culture

The Ancient Wisdom of Shambhala

Books on Tibetan Medicine

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