Stone Thoughts

        The Way In

        cast by standing stones
        in the midwinter sun
        point the way
        for a pilgrimage
        into an ancient dark.
        Underworld, other
        world - only to be reached
        through fleeting fractures,
        through stone shadows
        pointing to
        a gap in time, an opening
        of my mind.


        A circle of peace,
        scent of heather on the breeze,
        sunlight, moonlight,
        echoes of my heartbeat,
        Bees in the heather,
        autumn sunshine
        warm upon standing stone.
        Darkness gathers, comes and passes
        in wave after wave.

        Who keeps the light
        in the circle?

      Auld Acquaintance

      When I look up
      at night
      I see bright stars across the void -
      a thousand, thousand years of starlight
      in my eyes.

      When I look up
      at you,
      I see your eyes through the ages -
      a thousand, thousand years of sunrise
      in your eyes.

      Powers lie dormant, sleeping, awaiting the touch
      of moon upon stone,
      and in the north
      stars still circle
      over silent circles of stone . . .

© Copyright 1995 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.
"Auld Aquaintance" was first published in Earth's Daughter (see book list)
"The Way In" and "Heatherhome" were first published in Crann Bethadh, 1986.

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