by Jessica Macbeth
      Gateway Books, 1991

1. You, the Magician

image = i mage = I, mage; I, magician; I imagine

The power to image is the power to create.

You are the seeker, on a quest for wholeness and the holy place within you. You are the wanderer on a pilgrimage to self-knowledge, learning to see and to listen to your inner truth. You are the shaman on a vision quest to find your own power and your natural magic. And as you pursue your quest, you may become the magician who transforms yourself - understanding who you really are and what you can become, transforming "I can't" to "I do" as you create a new present and more promising future for yourself, discovering your creativity and inner power, healing your past and yourself, and fulfilling your potential.
Like all magicians, you will need a magic wand and a grimoire, a book of sorcery. This grimoire is something you must create for yourself - it is something no one else can do for you. The grimoire of the seeker-magician is a working notebook - a record of the journeys into the inner worlds, the lessons learned there, and the powers and insights gained. The magic wand is both a pen and a paintbrush. The pen is to transcribe the observations of the linear, verbal, analytic mode of your mind while the paintbrush captures the images of the global, visual, associative mode. This is a momentous journey to take with so little equipment as a pen, a paintbrush, some paints, a notebook, and paper, but it really is all we need.
Are you ready?
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This is Chapter 1 in Sun Over Mountain
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Published by Gateway Books.
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