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Jesa Macbeth
in Port Townsend, Washington
& (occasionally) Other Places

For the last 30-odd years, I've been a professional healer, therapist, counsellor, and teacher. As you probably will have noticed on these pages by now, I also write. For the last few years, I've been placing more emphasis on the writing, trying to get what I know out of my system in preparation for a delight-filled second childhood. No. Well, yes, actually - sort of. I'm trying to simplify my life, doing what I need to do for my own growth. Part of that growth continues to be working with others, who also seem to benefit from the process. So, although I've semi-retired from my private practice, there are a few things I might be able to help you with:

Spiritual Counseling
The objective of spiritual counseling is to look at where you are in your personal and spiritual path, to consider where you want to go, and to reflect on ways you might get there. In such a session we might consider your personal life, your spiritual growth, the development of your creative potential, your traumas and how they might be healed, and the issues that you face in your daily life.
A spiritual counseling session is neither psychic reading nor psychotherapy, although bits of both may be included, as needed.
These sessions are for those who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. A session may be one hour or two - or even three - depending on your needs and wishes. The usual practice in most spiritual traditions is to do this kind of review-reassessment-realignment of goals and practice two to four times a year as a regular practice. These sessions are often especially useful to those working in the healing and helping professions.
Counseling sessions may be done over the phone, but in-person sessions are preferable. Click here to find out how a phone session works, or you can write to me at for information about in-person sessions.

Faeries' Oracle Readings
You have to be a bit of an adventurer for a Faeries' Oracle reading. We never quite know where the energy will take us. It may be about practicalities of your life and situation, but it is more likely to be about seeing where you are on the path to realizing the inherent power and possibilities of your own natural magic - which may include insight and guidance on your practical affairs. The spirits of nature are interested in helping us to connect more closely with our own nature and our potential for miracles and healing and joy. Through our connections with them, we can learn much, but you do need to be a young-at-heart spiritual explorer to want to know. We can also often have a lot of fun doing doing this.
Oracle sessions may done be over the telephone. Click here to find out how a phone session works, or you can write to me at for information about in-person sessions.

Journeys of the Spirit
Take a spiritual counselling session, roll it up with a Faeries' Oracle reading, and send it out into the woods of the Pacific Northwest for a full day. We talk about things and we do things. We may build wild shrines (see Making a Shrine) and communicate with nature. Or we may do other things. Hopefully (nearly always), you go away again with a changed view of yourself and your world and with a clear sense of direction about your path. I have been not doing these very intensive journeys for the last few years, but living where I do now is just too good an opportunity to miss, and I plan to resume them again in the spring of 2002. Obviously, these are in-person full-day sessions only.

Spiritual Healing
Plain, old-fashioned hands-on spiritual healing. I've been practicing healing since early childhood and have become pretty well practiced. You can see some of my thoughts on healing at FAQ on Healing. Almost everything on these pages is about healing, one way or another. These are in-person sessions, and usually an hour in length, unless otherwise arranged.

Distant Healing
I belong to a group of people who do distant healing. There is no charge for this. If you would like distant healing for yourself or your situation or if you would like to request healing for someone else (with, of course, their permission), please e-mail me at the address below. I'll pass your request on to the group and include you in my personal healing list. If you want to know how to do distance healing too, see Distant Healing.

And there are some things I don't do anymore...

    Psychic Readings
    I really don't do conventional psychic readings any more. I did them professionally for thirty years, and feel that I've done my share. There are lots of other good psychics around. If you are looking for one, Getting a Better Psychic Reading may be helpful for you to read.

    Psychotherapy & Counseling
    This is another thing I don't do any more, just in case you wondered. True, a certain amount of this may enter into a session of spiritual counseling or healing, but it is not the main focus. If you need a therapist, there are many good ones around. I wish you all success in finding the one that best meets your needs.

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