A Sailor Dancing

... a prayer to Aphrodite

      Oh, my dear goddess, I love the way this sailor moves
      lightly upon the earth, as if he were dancing
      to the deep and silent rhythm of the seas.
      I love the way this sailor looks up, takes in the sky,
      always feeling, knowing
      which way blows the wind and where clouds gather.

      And I greatly love the way you, my Lady, have gathered
      us closer to each other. We were moving
      on separate courses, both of us not even knowing
      we were rapidly converging. Now, we are dancing,
      beneath the lucent sky,
      Ero's stately sarabande amidst these rising seas.

      I love the way this sailor's eyes can see
      the pattern in our lives as we each have slowly gathered
      sage Poseidon's deep sea treasures. Under far-off skies
      you great Powers took us where you willed, and now move
      us inexorably together. You brings us laughing, dancing
      to each other. And only you know

      where you lead us now. It is not for us to know
      what the portents tell of vast, unfolding seas,
      surprising in their glory. We are simply dancing -
      turning on the water lightly as we gather
      sweet momentum, as the winds move
      us on the ocean from which Aphrodite rose into the sky.

      *You* know! Oh, my Lady, first light in the darkening sky,
      yours is the star I wish upon. Watch you over us, knowing
      as you must, the perils of the course we move
      upon. I pray you, guide us steady on our way when seas
      grow wild. Help us gently gather
      your sweet wisdom - deep, profound, yet blithly dancing.

      Oh, my Lady, I adore this sailor, love to feel him dancing
      with me, love the taste of salt upon him. Under an electric sky
      in him the god is rising. It's too late for us to gather
      the tender rose of May - what we have is deeper, older, knowing
      sorrow, knowing pain, rising up to love once more - and in this sea
      we are not lost. Over these waters, spirit guides and moves.

      Lady, as through us your spirit moves, I adore my sailor dancing.
      Thank you for bringing us to this tender touching over sea and under sky.
      Though we are only partly knowing, still joy and love we gather.

Copyright © 2001 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.

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