On Getting a Better Psychic Reading

Choosing the Psychic

The interactions of a psychic reading or spiritual counselling session create an unusual relationship between the client and the reader. It is an objective-intimate relationship, and both qualities of this relationship are important. The reader should be someone whose objectivity and integrity you respect and yet be a person that your are comfortable enough with to be willing to discuss things that are very personal when they are relevant to the reading.
We are all individuals and have different needs and varying likes and dislikes. Your friends and acquaintences may recommended a particular reader or counsellor to you, and you may find that person doesn't seem to connect well with you - or you with them. We are not talking about "fault" here or about "bad readings" - we are just talking about the natural chemistry and empathy (or the lack of it) between two people. Keep looking; you will find someone right for you.
One of the best places to look for a psychic is at psychic fairs. There, you can usually get short readings inexpensively before you invest in a full session with someone. You can also ask for recommendations at your local holistic book shop, especially if you respect and trust the people who work there.You can also ask the psychic about his background and experience with respect to the readings or spiritual counselling he does.
Different readers may focus on different aspects of life - career, relationships, personal growth, whatever. Find one who is focused on what you are interested in. You could also ask questions about the philosophy on which he bases his reading. Are his ethical values similar to yours?
Once you have taken all of this information into consideration and eliminated the psychics who are obviously unsuitable for you, simply choose the person you feel most drawn to, the person you would most like to talk to. The best reading you will ever have will probably come from someone you like and trust, and the worst one will most likely be from someone you dislike. This may have little to do with the relative merits or abilities of the psychics and much to do with your own degree of openness to them - and theirs to you.

Be Relaxed

It is important to be as relaxed as possible for a reading for the same reason that it is important to be comfortable with the reader. Tension blocks energy. If you get to your reading a few minutes early so that you can spend the time meditating or relaxing, you will get more out of the reading itself.
If you are upset about a particular situation in your life, that is quite natural and most psychics are used to dealing with that kind of energy. Just relax as much as you can so that you will be able to think more clearly and listen more openly to the reading. Hopefully, help is at hand.
You need not worry about the psychic unnecessarily invading your privacy. He is much too busy trying to do the reading to be concerned about your secrets unless they are relevant to the reading itself. No ethical reader snoops around where they don't belong, and unethical readers are seldom good enough to be worth worrying about. Developed psychics are usually fully aware of the fact that everyone, including themselves, has thoughts and memories that they would not like to share. Most of us are too busy trying to dispose of our own personal garbage to be interested in collecting that of others.
If you are tense and nervous because you don't know what is expected of you, the client, during a reading, you are about to learn. Read on.

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

There are three things you should obtain in a full length psychic reading of a half an hour or more. You should be given evidential material, practical and useful information about situations with which you are concerned, and guidelines for using those situations for your personal growth.
Evidential material is information that the psychic gives you that you already know to be true, but of which the psychic has no previous knowledge. It is "evidence" that the psychic is tuned in accurately. This information is included in the reading in order for the psychic to be certain that he is on the right track and in order for the client to have some verification that this particular psychic really can do what he is supposed to do. The validity of this part of the reading is a good indication of the degree of accuracy you can expect in the rest of the reading. Such information may come at the beginning of the reading, but is more likely to be scattered throughout it.
You are probably considering a reading because you need information about certain situations in your life. Perhaps you have a decision to make and you feel that you need more insight into the situations and its potentials. The psychic cannot tell you what will happen in the future, but he can tell you what is most likely to happen if everyone involved continues to behave as they usually do.
When a psychic gives information about the future, he is not talking about fate, but about probabilities as they are at the time of the reading. Most of the time, we can change those probabilities by our actions. If you don't like the most probable outcome, the psychic can help you to look for things you can do to make the results more in keeping with your wishes. Alternately, he may help you see that your wishes in the matter are not in line with your own best interestes. On rare occasions there is nothing we can personally do to change something coming up in our lives. At such times we can ask for information about what we need to do to prepare ourselves for coming changs.
From the best of psychic readings, you will gain a greater insight into yourself and perhaps others with whom you are involved. You will get a clearer understanding of what you need most urgently to learn. There will also be guidance that helps you to discover new ways of thinking and living that will help you to accomplish more and to get greater joy and satisfaction out of your life.

What Not to Expect from a Psychic Reading

Don't ask for legal or medical advice. For advice about your health, go to a qualified health professional, such as a healer, herbalist, or medical doctor. For legal advice, see a lawyer. You can usefully ask a psychic if the health professional or lawyer you are seeing about your problem is the best one for you, or if it would be advisable for you to seek a second opinion.
Don't expect a psychic to make your decisions for you. That is not his job. His task is to help you see who and where you are more clearly so that you can make your own decisions more intelligently.
Don't expect a psychic to help you to cast a spell or a curse - a practicing psychic and a practicing witch are not the same. Of course, one can be psychic and a witch just as one can be psychic and Republican or Protestant.
Don't ask for information about other people that is none of your business. An ethical psychic will not be willing to invade the privacy of others just to satisfy your curiosity.
Basically, the rule is don't ask the psychic to do anything illegal or unethical. If you do so through ignorance of thoughtlessness and he refuses to cooperate, don't insist. You'd just be wasting your time and perhaps irritate him.

Let the Psychic Work His Own Way

Like all other humans, each psychic is unique and has his own way of reading. No two Tarot readers are alike, no two clairvoyants are alike. No one method of psychic reading is better or worse than another - they are only as good as the psychic who uses them. If you are not certain how a particular psychic works and you want a specific type of reading, ask him what method he uses before you make your appointment.
The psychic also knows the best time frame for his reading. When he indicates that the reading is over, don't keep asking questions. He knows when the energy or the connection is gone, and anything you get after that will probably not be of much value to you.

Be Prepared

Know what you want to talk about. The psychic probably will have set aside time during the reading for you to ask questions. Write your questions down before you come. Many times the psychic will answer some or all of them before you ask them, but if you have them in writing, you will be sure to remember them all. It is not all right to call the psychic up later with "just one more question."
It shouldn't need saying, but I'm saying it anyway: arrive for the reading sober and in your right mind. No alcohol and no drugs, not even prescription ones unless you routinely require them.


Are you there to test the psychic or to get all of the information you can? If you are testing him, naturally you don't want to give any information away either verbally or through your body language. However, if you are already convinced that the psychic is capable and you just want to get all of the information you can from the reading, just relax and be yourself.
When you ask a question, don't accompany it with a long explanation. Let the psychic ask for whatever information he feels he needs. Myst psychics would prefer that you do not volunteer information because it interrupts the flow of the reading. Also, it might be something they were just about to tell you that would have been an important evidential part of the reading.

Be Honest

If something the psychic says is true, don't deny it. If something is inaccurate, don't agree with it. If you don't understand what he is talking about, say so. It is possible for the psychic to misinterpret his Source and/or for you to misunderstand the psychic. Don't go away wondering - ask!
If you lie to the psychic, you will probably either antagonize or confuse him. If you don't trust him enough to be honest with him, you should have gone to someone else.

Taping for the Reading

Ask the psychic in advance if you may tape the reading. If not, you may want to ask him why not. He may possibly have a valid reason - although I can't think of one at the moment. Many psychics prefer that you tape the reading and often have their own recorder and even a supply of tapes available. They know that it is easy to forget things and that sometimes the exact wording of a statement is important. Readings may extend quite a distance into the future, and without a tape you may forget vital points.

Paying for the Reading

Before you make an appointment, ask what the psychic's fee is. You are not paying for the help or information that the psychic gives (which may be beyond price) but only for his time. He knows what his time is worth to him and sets his fees accordingly. If you feel that his fee is too high for you to pay, then go to someone cheaper. Don't expect him to drop his professional fees just for you any more than you would expect that of your doctor or lawyer or other professional persons with whom you deal.

After the Reading

Be quiet and by yourself for a while if possible. Do not immediately rush to tell your friends all about it. Think about it for a couple of days, and during that time listen to the tape at least twice. During a good reading the psychic energy is very high, and the psychic is in an altered state of consciousness, even though that may not be apparent to the onlooker. If you, the client, are psychically sensitive - and everyone is to some degree - the combination of high energy and altered consciousness on the part of the psychic may very well affect your own thought processes and your subsequent memories of the reading. So, to get the most out of the reading, study it for the things you may have missed or misunderstood.
Once you are quite clear about the reading, use it to help yourself to grow and gain insight, and you will find the whole experience richly rewarding - so much so that you may well want to do it again in six months or so.

Copyright 1983 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.
First printed in Holistic Life Magazine, 1983.