Cards by Brian Froud
Book by Jessica Macbeth

Myk the Myomancer
Portrait by Brian Froud
© Painting copyright 2000 by Brian Froud
All rights reserved.
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Card 42. Myk the Myomancer

Small clues. Details. The messages everywhere. Patience.

A myomancer reads the past, present, and potential of all beings in the movements of mice. Myc is particularly fond of reading the movements of field mice, as they are livelier and better fed than church mice. Myc could learn the same things by reading berries or the patterns made by fallen leaves or any one of a billion other things, but his specialty is mice. He can learn endless things from the way they twitch their whiskers and hold their tails. He sees hidden information in the patterns of growth and coloration in their fur, the way the wind rumples it, and how they preen themselves.
Little things can tell us a lot. Everything bears messages about the universe around us. Studying the details sometimes enables us to deduce the whole.
The entire universe is one piece, and each fragment of that one Unity (Card 1) reflects and is connected to all the others. That famous philosopher Anonymous once said, "The lifting of a finger disturbs the farthest star." Myc says it works the other way around, too. He advises us to make a slow and observant study of the little things and their even smaller detail in the world around us. He says that such study not only helps us enhance our understanding of life, Unity (Card 1), and everything, but it also helps to develop a joyful patience and a deeper philosophy.

Starter Reading

Attention to details is important at this time. Little things are not only important in themselves, but they also give you important information about larger things. Look for the inner, hidden meaning in ordinary objects, happenings, and experiences. Life is trying to teach you something by speaking to you gently. With luck and application you will get the message before it has to speak to you more loudly.
Body language in humans as well as mice may give you very useful information at this present time, especially if you learn to read it properly.
The clues to the answers you seek and the things you need to know are all around you. You are surrounded by omens, portents, and signs, but the signs are not written on billboards in large letters. They are in the small happenings of your life. Be awake and aware.
Hint: If you work out what the question really is, it is much easier to recognize the answer when it comes.


Possibly you are ignoring information readily available to you because you think the source is not important enough to pay attention to. Or perhaps you are seeing the messages and denying their validity because you don't like them. These are very human (read: not very wise) things to do.
On the other hand, you might need to realize that, while everything has meanings, not all meanings are worth worrying about. Sometimes it is important to keep the broad picture in mind and avoid getting lost in the detail. If you feel confused by too many details and can't see the storm for the raindrops, try backing up and look at your overall goals and situation.

A personal view:

Myk and his best friend, Geeeeeooo, help us to stay grounded and sane in the midst of the hurly-burly of life. They both remind us to slow down, and Myk in particular likes to remind us that, in a wholistic universe, there is "no small stuff". Everything is worth noticing. Right now, as I write this a new day has just dawned, and Myk is nudging me to go outside and look at it. I'll be right back - I hope.

. . .

That took a little longer than I expected.
First, Myk reminded me that I would benefit from doing an attunement with Sunfather (who is just getting up). Myk thinks this is especially appropriate since the process I am in at the moment is "breathing in fire, burning the dross, blowing out ash." It felt good - powerful and good. Then Myk wanted me to make a flower "remedy" for myself with some of the clover in my garden (we don't cut the clover to do that). After we got that set up, we spent some time with the other flowers, just saying "good morning" to each other. Flowers always seem to wake up cheerful in the mornings, unlike some people.
When I came back in the house, Myk suggested a purification bath - a nice soak with lavender bath oil - to wash away "all that ash." Sounded good to me, so now I feel so clean, body, mind, and spirit. Thenk, I went back outside to take my clover "medicine", after saying thank you to everyone for it. These fresh flower subtle infusions are so amazing. This one tasted sweet and made my heart center warmer. While I was sitting in the grass, drinking my clover infusion, I noticed that there were also wee, tiny yellow flowers down in the grass. They giggled at me and said they were some of the Sunfather's flowers and they were in my drink too. They seemed very smug about it.
The lavender at the front of the house, which is blooming like a mad thing at the moment, suggested that I could well do with some of her medicine this evening before going to sleep. She suggested a moonlight mix for that. So I shall. It is almost the full moon, and Lavender thinks I need to cool out a little before I try to sleep through the next few nights.
It's good. So, that is how Myk and I started this day. I hope your day is as good or even better.

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