If I Were A Witch..

    If I were a witch, I might be good
    and do the things that I think I should -
    because love grows only from loving.

    I'd keep my wand clean and fully charged
    and see that each kindness got enlarged,
    because love grows only from loving.

    I'd help the homeless shelter themselves -
    this just takes work, not magic or elves -
    and they'd learn love does grow from loving.

    I'd teach the children maths and the arts
    and feed them all fresh strawberry tarts
    so they'd learn we grow best from loving.

    I'd refrain from the careless sowing
    of hard words and yet harder throwing
    of anger that keeps love from growing.

    I'm not a witch, but still am trying
    to do my best, and not just crying,
    because I know I can only grow

    from loving.

Copyright © 2000 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.
This poem originally appeared on my e-mail newsletter, An Lios

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