Natural Sex

Bee Buzz

When a bee
gives a flower
an orgasm,
is that


Think! A volcano
may be just a mountain range
having an orgasm
What a stupendous

Cat Lust

Boris & Arthur & Charlie all
sit in the garden, hunched
against the rain. Instinct demands
that gentlemen answer
when a lady calls, and Samantha
calls so enticingly, with such volume,
such expression and range, the envy
of any diva. She calls
from the other side of the window,
passionately, and they wait in the rain,
soggy, patient - and puzzled.
Boris and Arthur and Charlie have had
their pockets picked, are neutered
gentlemen all, and they couldn't really
respond to her call. Yet they sit
in the rain, and hark
to her song, an instinct deeper
than glands, gentlemen all.

If you feel that this was a swindle,
and not what you expected of SexOnTheNet -
well, that really is your problem, not mine.

These poems originally appeared in Coire Beathadh at various times.
Copyright © by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.
Bee Buzz © 1989; Volcano © 1985; Cat Lust © 1994
Your comments will be read with interest.
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